Saturday, July 4, 2015

07-04-15 Happy Independence Day

We got to visit my parents today, and the kids got to attend their very first parade. There were lots of fire trucks, farm vehicles, horses, and politicians. The kids' favorite part, was that many of the vehicles that passed threw candy out towards the children.

The fire trucks were a bit too loud for this little girl, though they paled in comparison to the canon that ended the parade. 

Goobs was in charge of watching the stuff. 

Big E loved all the tractors and fire trucks. 

This evening the kids watched the fireworks while standing in Noana's big bath tub so they could see them above the houses. As they started, C turned to me with a big smile and said, "You know what's better than fireworks?? Jesus!!!" 

A little while later the saw a firework shaped like a smiley face. I hear her exclaim, "Daddy, that one looks like you!!" 

Here are some photos from last night playing with sparklers with the cousins, 

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