Friday, November 6, 2015

11-06-15 Happy Birthday, Dear Son

Much like the day we first met, I held you tonight as you fell asleep. You weigh more now and your arms and legs and chubby body fought for room in my arms. Your head snuggled against my chest, your big blue eyes staring at me. As you drifted off, you got heavier, and your breathing got rhythmic. I watched you sleep, marveling at your perfect face, amazed for the thousandth time that I am your mother.

You had a rough start. For weeks we fought jaundice, your little body tinted yellow. After that you had RSV and the stomach bug at the same time. Then came the flurry of specialists checking your heart murmur and your calcium deposit. For my easiest baby, you kept us on our toes.

But you have been a joy. For all intents and purposes you have been a happy baby. You love your siblings, but are wary of their affection. You
think silly faces are the funniest thing you've ever seen. You love to eat... Constantly! You have an enormous head, which certainly adds to your charm. You love to be held, especially by me and when someone asks you to come to them you bury your head in my neck and smile. The only word you ever use with any consistency is 'no.' Sometimes you say 'mama' and nothing sounds sweeter.

I pray for you, that you grow up to be a man of God, possessing wisdom and integrity. That you have compassion for those you meet, show bravery in the face of danger, and see goodness when others can't. Those are the things I wish for you, my dear son.

I love you,