Saturday, September 5, 2015

09-05-15 The Shiner

Baby E got his first shiner today. :(

I was getting him out of his car seat at the park and turned to set him in the umbrella stroller. I didn't realize the Big E was holding on to the stroller and tilting it back. So as I let Baby E down into the seat it wasn't as close to him as I thought and he kind of fell into the seat with a heavy thump. On the way down he must have scraped his face on something. He started screaming and when I picked him up he had this lovely scratch and bruise by his eye and it was beginning to swell up. So glad that it didn't actually get his eye, but is sure does look painful. So sorry Baby E!!!

09-05-15 A day with Naona & Aunt Julie

Tim had to work again today, but since the kids and I were already at my parents house, we got to hang out with my mom and sister today. We took the kids to a local park and they played on the playground for a long time. It was nice that the hot weather had finally broken and the temperature was bearable, and even pleasant in the shade. 

What an awesome playground! Where was this thing when I was a kid?!?

C loves the zipline. Again, our playgrounds were never this cool!