Thursday, May 7, 2015

05-07-15 An Apology to my Baby 2

So, baby E, I need to apologize. See, I changed your diaper this morning and I set you on the recliner rocking chair in your room like I always do and I went to change my clothes. As I got dressed I could hear you chattering and cooing. And then I started looking for something in the dryer and you started to fuss. I figured it was because you couldn't see me, as you are prone to start fussing when you realize you are all alone.

And then I heard a thud...

Yup. You rolled right off that chair. 

I jumped up and ran into your room just as you started to cry. I swept you up in my arms and you immediately started to smile and laugh. Whew!! Don't worry, I spent the next several minutes taking you into dark rooms and back out into sunlight to make sure your pupils adjusted properly. They did. You kept smiling. You're fine! 

And I promise not to leave you in the chair by yourself anymore. I guess you are officially mobile!