Sunday, January 18, 2015

01-18-15 A Three Ibuprofen Night

You know that terrifying feeling when you realize you are falling and there is nothing you can do to stop it. All of a sudden everything is in slow motion and sped up at the same time. A million thoughts race through your head that all lead to the same conclusion... This is gonna hurt!

That was me this evening when I stepped on a sheet of black ice. One moment I was standing talking to Tim and the next I was in a free fall. I went straight down and landed in a sitting position, the impact jarring through my limbs. Grateful that it wasn't worse I stood up on shaky legs and regained my footing, convinced I was no worse for wear. 

Fast forward ten minutes later. That's when the pain and stiffness started to set in. Holding a crying baby and having two whimpering toddlers hanging on me wasn't helping my situation. They are all finally asleep and I'm sitting at my dining room table afraid to make any sudden movements! So tonight I will be downing at least three ibuprofen with a salted hot chocolate chaser. 

We spent the better part of our day at the farmhouse continuing the great purge. I had placed a ton of items on freecycle so today people started coming. It was great to see so many items leaving the house knowing I wouldn't have to find a way to transfer them to the new house or find a place to put them once they arrived. We are hoping to be finished within a few days. 

The kids did great today. Baby E had a lot of wakeful time and graced us with many smiles and coos. 

And the older kids were very patient while we packed and met with people. Fortunately most of the old toys disappeared while they were napping! We had one meltdown when C witnessed me giving away one of her toys. In her mind I was giving away her absolute favorite toy and she was going to miss it terribly. Never mind that she hadn't touched it in months and had all but forgotten that it existed. Sigh. There are still way more toys than necessary that will find their way here.