Tuesday, September 15, 2015

09-15-15 Probably not pink eye

As I mentioned before, last night was MOPS. One of the many great things about MOPS is that they provide free childcare for when you are in the meeting. So if leaving the kids at home just isn't an option, then you can bring them along and there is separate programming for them. Usually I leave the kids with Tim but he is on his new schedule which meant he wouldn't be home during that time, so I had planned to take them. But when C came down with pink eye, that was no longer an option. My dear friend, Rebecca offered to watch the kids for me. 

When I got over there and started unloading everyone I looked down at Baby E just in time to see a clump of goopiness in his eye. Uh oh!!! Now I was frustrated!  Pink eye strikes again! Rebecca was awesome and still offered to keep my now oozing children. After leaving them I called the pediatrician and got an appointment for the morning.

After the meeting I picked them up and Baby E's eyes were a little red and moist looking. I got everyone home and to bed. 

This morning we got up and got C ready for school and on the bus. She had been on the antibiotic for over 36 hours so she was good to go. I headed for work and Tim took the boys to the doctor. Upon examination the doctor couldn't find any sign of pinkeye in Baby E and he suspects that isn't what C had either. He thinks it's an infection, but not pink eye. (And not necessarily an eye infection.) The meds that C is on (amoxicillin and the eye drops) should work to clear it all up, though he would have probably given her something a bit stronger. So, we will be continuing with the traumatic eye treatments for the rest of the week, however Tim was able to administer a round this evening on his own, so her will might be breaking on that front. 

Hopefully in a few days we will all be back to normal!