Wednesday, May 6, 2015

05-06-15 Six Months

Happy six months, Baby E! 

Six months ago I held you in my arms and looked into your eyes.... Except I didn't because for the first several days of your life you refused to open your eyes. Your face was perpetually contorted into an angry scowl and I was beginning to wonder if you were rethinking the whole "getting born" business. When we finally brought you home, you opened your eyes and stared at me with such confusion, as if we had just at that moment met for the first time.

The first few weeks were rough as you kept losing weight and you struggled with jaundice. We spent our evenings sleeping in the living room of the farm house, me at one end of the couch and you at the other. That was until a spider bit me on the cheek and half my body went tingly and I decided the couch was not a good place for you to be. So you slept in the swing, or the bouncy chair, or the bassinet. 

Then you got sick with RSV and the stomach bug and you lost more weight and you spent a week sleeping and staring off into space and I worried so much for you. I had the flu at the same time and I was so scared that you would catch that too, but you didn't. Finally you came around and you smiled. 

We moved and you got your own room and it was warm. We had snow days and unpacking days and you would get a worried look on your face when you would hear C's voice because it probably meant she was coming to smother you with kisses. 

went back to work and you adjusted quickly. You started putting on weight, and laughing, and eventually you started rolling over.

We found a heart murmur and you went and got tested. You were fine. We found a lump on your ribs and you went to another specialist. Again, you were fine. It seemed every week we were at a doctor appointment. 

Now you are huge and happy. You have a silly two toothed grin and when you smile really big your eyes close to tiny slits and then I wonder if you can see me. 

These past six months have at times been difficult (the transition from two to three is challenging), but more so it has been amazing. I love being your mommy and I love watching you grow. You bring joy to my heart and laughter to my days.

I love you, Goobs!


1. You have fat rolls now... On your thighs and your knees and even your ankles. 
2. You smile... A lot. 
3. You still like to be wrapped when you sleep. 
4. You roll over.
5. You chew on everything.
6. Your first two teeth came in on the same day, March 19th. 
7. We gave you your first real food tonight... A little bit of avocado. You liked it at first and then you shuddered.
8. You are ticklish.
9. You get up once or twice a night. (Let's work on that, shall we?)
10. You love it when C and Big E give you attention.