Sunday, July 19, 2015

07-19-15 Cousin time

Have I mentioned that we haven't had working central AC all summer? Well, I take that back, we've had it for a combined total of six days. See, our AC unit is on the fritz and we have been going through our home warranty to get it repaired. The home warranty sends us substandard companies to "fix" the problem, which they never do. After weeks of back and forth, they finally sent someone reputable (and by that I mean some who actually opened up the unit and looked inside.) This company agreed some major pieces, if not the entire unit, needs to be replaced. So now we wait some more. The home warranty company has to agree to the replacement and then wait for the parts. *sigh* 

Fortunately a friend is letting us borrow a couple of window units, which have been lifesavers, especially on days like today. Even with them running all day, though, the house is still registering 78. So imagine our delight when our dear sister and brother-in-law invited us over for dinner to get us out of our toasty house! And of course the kids loved spending time with their cousins. I finally got a sorta semi decent kinda happy picture of all the kids together! When Big E saw C holding the baby and Daniel holding the baby, he looked around and gave Micah a huge hug around the neck because he wanted to hug a baby too. (He has yet to figure out that Micah isn't actually a baby anymore!)

What an adorable crew!