Friday, September 18, 2015

09-18-15 Outside Dinner and Big E's first crush

I'll admit it...I'm having one of those days, make that one of those weeks, that I want to just curl up on the couch with my mom and dad, drink hot tea, and watch television. I'm grateful that they live less than two hours away, but I don't get to see them as often as I would like, and this evening it kinda hit me. 

The kids are in bed and the house is quiet. I have a pile of dishes to do and bathrooms to scrub. Housework, the never ending chore! 

We were supposed to go out this evening with Tim's siblings, but things never fell into place for that to happen, so it was me and the kids tonight. I cooked one of my freezer meals (remember those from a few weeks back) and promised the kids we could eat dinner outside. Can't really beat this weather, right?!? They ate on the front stoop and then spent time riding their bikes. It was a nice peaceful evening! 

There is a little girl, about nine years old, that lives a few doors down. The kids adore her. She was out this evening with her friends, so my children quickly lost interest in their bikes and just wanted to watch her and follow her around. I'm trying to teach Big E that it isn't polite to scream after girls, as he is prone to do when she walks by so that he can get her attention. He starts acting very silly when she is around. I think she is his first crush. I wonder if he will remember her when he grows up! 

Big E- What are we having for dinner?
Me- Pasta.
Big E- If there are any yucky meatballs in my puhsketti then I am going to knock them on the ground and let the animals eat them. 

The other night I wasn't feeling well...
Big E- Can you read us a story?
Me- No, honey. Mommy has to throw up. 
Big E- Can you go throw up and then come back and read us a story??
(Thanks for the compassion kid!)

Leaning over to hug me good bye this morning...

Big E- What is that AMAZING smell?!? Oh, it's just you.

Since he often uses the phrase "amazing smell" to talk about trash cans, bathrooms, and gas stations, I was a bit concerned. 

Me- Is it a good smell or a bad smell?
Big E- A good smell.