Friday, February 13, 2015

02-13-15 The Phone Call

I've been getting phone calls recently from a number I didn't recognize. I never answered, but today I listened to the voicemail. It was CVS calling to tell me that my prescription was ready for pick up...

In North Carolina. 

Since the last time I was in North Caronlina was in 2006, I was a bit perplexed, so I called them back. They informed me that a new prescription had just been filled and I could come and get it. I explained that I didn't live in North Carolina and never requested any medicine. The pharmacist confirmed my birthday and asked me if I had ever been to a particular doctor, to which I said no. He gave me the doctors phone number.

When the doctors office picked up, I explained that they had called in a prescription under my name and I wanted to know why. I gave them my name and the receptionist seemed a bit confused. She told me that they DO have a patient with that name. She asked me for my birthday, and sure enough, this other woman (with my exact name) and I share a birthday. 

So, when they called the prescription for her into CVS, somehow her name got linked with my phone number. While I was getting (and ignoring) all these calls to pick up a prescription, this poor woman was probably wondering what was taking so long! The doctor's office contacted her so that she could call CVS and straighten out the situation. Meanwhile it leaves me wondering if something like this will happen again. 

It was quite easily the strangest set of phone calls I have ever had! So to my name and birthday twin in NC, I wish you a good night and I hope you were finally able to get the medication that you need!