Thursday, July 26, 2012


Well, Elijah had his four month appointment yesterday. All I can say is TOO FAST! 

I almost burst into tears when the doctor said he was old enough to start introducing solid food. What?!? My baby?!? That's not possible! What next?!? Sitting up? Crawling? *gasp* Walking?!?

It's official- babies grow up way too fast! 

With Charlie, we jumped at all the milestones, encouraging her to be independent. But with Elijah, I'm just not ready. (Is this how second child syndromes begin?)  I want him to stay tiny for as long as possible. I want to lay down on the ground next to him and watch his little arms and legs flail uncontrollably. I want to soak in all his cooing. I want to bask in his perfect little smiles. 

But each day, he gets bigger. Each week a new milestone. And so I treasure these moments in my heart and snap pictures when I can. I'm going to miss the little things- like him grabbing my finger with his entire hand, or feeling him nuzzle his little head up under my neck. Believe it or not, I will miss smelling his stinky jam hands and I will miss being spit up on (gross, I know, and yet not gross at all!) I will miss watching him accidentally grab his toes. I will miss him drooling on the carpet. I will miss the way he gazes at his big sister. I will miss his baby belly laughs and his enjoyment of being tickled. I will miss putting him into an infant car seat. I will miss him sleeping in a bassinet next to our bed. 

Basically, I will miss his baby-ness. 

But for now, I have it and I will drink it in! 

Happy four months, my perfect little man!