Saturday, April 11, 2015

04-11-15 Ballet

Today was a big day for C. Her ballet school did a small recital to get the kids used to being onstage in front of a large crowd. Her big recital is in a couple of months. I think the most exciting part to her was that she got to wear makeup. 

When her class came onstage, she was adorable. She snuck in a little wave to mommy and daddy and started her routine. She is one of the youngest in her class and also the shortest, so she got a place up front. For the most part, she held her own with the other girls. 

Once they were finished they were allowed to sit with their class in the audience and watch the rest of the show. She was mesmorized by the big girls, especially when they were in the fancy costumes. 

She was the only dancer to receive flowers (thanks for saving the day, Rebecca!) and she carried them everywhere!

She was excited to take her picture with one of the older dancers!

And off to Starbucks to celebrate with a cake pop!! 

I was very proud of C. She can get shy easily, so I was a little worried that she would clam up onstage. She did great!