Monday, August 10, 2015

08-10-15 Friendship

My mom and sister watched the kids today at my house. This evening they cooked dinner and invited our dear friend Jeremy over. I measure my friendship with Jeremy in decades, something I can only claim for a small few of my relationships. We first met during our first year of homeschooling. My mother had established a homeschooling group and had invited local families to join us at our house. An introvert to the core, I was nervous about meeting new people, but I realized that not being in public school meant that I would have precious few opportunities to make friends, so that afternoon I decided to step out of my shell and be bold. People started showing up at my house, kids of all ages, and I looked at them and thought, "ok, these are now my friends" and set about the business of getting to know them. (Of course it helped that I had a good friend next to me, that turned into my best friend and eventually my sister in law!)

Jeremy was one of the first kids to walk in. An avid batman fan with a love of Deloreans, it didn't take long for us to hit it off and soon a small group of us were inseparable. We spent every Friday night at his house filming our own version of Batman (which thankfully has never seen the light of day, and hopefully never will unless one of us decides to run for public office!) Over the years our lives have gone in different directions, we've lived in different areas, had different experiences, but when we are in the same room, that same level of ease and comfort exists. We laugh and joke as if no time at all has passed. This evening he even humored C with a game of Candyland, which he won hands down. I'm grateful to have people like him in our lives. We love you, Jeremy!