Tuesday, June 30, 2015

06-30-15 Conversations with my children

While I was prepping dinner the other night, E came running into the kitchen.
E- "Mommy, what are you making?"
Me- "I'm making burgers."
E- "Can I have a toy with that?"
(Note to self, let's avoid drive thru for a while!)

As you know, C took her first plane ride this past weekend. In fact, she took a total of four flights. Two to Arkansas and two home. I was curious to know what she thought about flying, so I asked her what her favorite part was. Her eyes got really big and she got a huge smile on her face. She leaned close to me and whispered, "Mommy, every seat had its own table!" 

I'd like to note that I am pretty sure that E is convinced that Daddy and C were actually on the plane the entire weekend. He also got very excited yesterday when I told them they were coming home because he wanted to see the plane land at our house. 

For weeks, E has been walking around the house saying, "What is that amazing smell?!?" every time I cook dinner. I admit I was pretty flattered. But then I noticed him using this phrase at odd locations like gas stations and near trash cans. 

So last night I was cooking dinner and he walks in and says, "What is that amazing smell?!?" And I say, "I'm cooking hamburgers." And he says quite emphatically, "I do NOT like that smell." 

So apparently, all this time he has been using the word "amazing" wrong and has been insulting my cooking.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

06-28-15 Me and the Boys

It's been me and the boys this weekend while Tim and C have been out of town. It's always interesting to see the different dynamic when the kids aren't all together. Big E has missed C terribly and asks about her all the time. He really doesn't know what to do with himself when she isn't around. It is going to be a difficult transition for him when she goes into kindergarten. 

I'm looking forward to my family all being under the same roof again!!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

06-27-15 Look Who's Sitting Up!

Today was the first time that Baby E really sat on his own for an extended period of time. Up until now, his oversized head always pulled him down. It appears he has finally learned how to balance it! Way to go, Baby E!!

It would appear that C is having w good time on her trip!

Friday, June 26, 2015

06-26-15 The Big Day!

This might be the only time this little girl has ever looked this chipper at 5:30 in the morning!

She couldn't wait to leave the house!

Here she is on her first plane ride. I'm so happy she got a window seat. I'm looking forward to the stories about her adventure!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

06-25-15 Beyond that door

Beyond that door and in that bed is a little girl who is too excited to fall asleep tonight. 

For you see, tomorrow morning is her first plane ride. The ticket has been booked for weeks, but we only just told her a few days ago. Since then, it has been her favorite topic of conversation. I got her books all about airports and flying. Her carry on is packed with activities and snacks. She has excitedly asked a million questions, and I have answered them all with matching enthusiasm! 

Because she doesn't know that I hate flying. I'm pretty much terrified of it! I could make a list of things I'd rather do than fly- give a speech in front of a stadium of people, get the proverbial dreaded root canal, give birth without drugs

I've never liked flying, but my anxiety with flying certainly increased after 9/11. I've been on a few planes since then, and it's been rough. 

But I don't want my fear to be her fear. I want her to be excited about flying. I want her to get a thrill out of take offs and landings. I want her to look with awe outside the window, to point to the ant like houses below. 

So when she chatters on endlessly about planes and flying, I smile and chime in with excitement. I know she will be safe and she will have fun. And I will squeeze her extra hard when she gets home! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

06-24-15 Stormy Evening

This evening a pretty impressive storm came through. The sky turned dark and green. The winds bent the trees and the rain blew sideways. 

As a child I grew up in an old farmhouse with a traditional front porch. During summer thunderstorms, we would sit on the front porch and watch the storms roll in. We would linger outside as long as we could until a loud clap of thunder or a close up flash of lightning would send us piling inside. Then we would watch from the windows waiting to see which tree limbs would break off the nearby trees. If it was particularly bad, my mother would encourage us to stay near the basement door just in case. The basement was only ventured into when you were feeling particularly brave. It was dark, musty, with a concrete floor. It was lit by bare bulbs and filled with spider cricket jumpy things and cobwebs. An occasional snake would find its way in, evidenced by the snake skins we would find in the shadows. My mother kept her canned vegetables from the garden down there, and when we were sent to get a jar of beans or corn we ran as fast as we could, praying nothing would jump out from a corner. Really, that basement was the place of campfire stories! 

But I digress. This evening, while the winds raged outside and the rain beat against the windows, searching for an entrance inside, we curled up in the living room to wait it out. And what better way than to color?

As the storm eased, the sky brightened. It's a strange phenomenon when the sky darkens for a storm and then brightens as it passes, only to darken once more with night. 

Thankfully the storm brought cooler temperatures. Hopefully the reprieve from this heat will last for a few days! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

06-23-15 Inspirational Moments vol. 1

I often run across inspirational quotes on the Internet. Usually they are set against a blurry background of something peaceful. Trees, water drops, and empty roadways are a pretty common visual theme.

So I have decided to start my own series of inspirational memes... as spoken by my children. Today we feature C.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

06-21-15 Happy Fathers Day

I am extremely grateful to have married a man that isn't afraid to get in the trenches of fatherhood.

Tim is good at being a dad. Because all my births were c-sections, he was the first one to get to hold each of the kids... 

And from those first moments he was hooked. He never complained about the inordinate number of diapers he's had to change, and he's even taken quite a few for the team when especially smelly ones pop up. He kills all the bugs, takes out the trash, and cleans up all the vomit. He gives the best piggy back rides and amuses the kids with a variety of silly voices and tickle monsters. He's a cowboy, he's a prince, he's a superhero, he's papa. 

In so many ways, Tim is an awesome dad! So here is a shout out to him, my partner in crime and my best friend. Thanks for being such a wonderful daddy!! Love you!

I'd also like to thank my dad... The man I still call daddy and probably always will. He set a high standard of what a man should be. It is an honor to have him as my father and friend. Love you, daddy! 

This evening was a wonderful evening just hanging with the family and enjoying each other's company. Nothing fancy, just peaceful! 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

06-20-15 Birthday Party Fun!

One of the great things about marrying into a big family, and then that big family growing with lots of babies, is we always have reasons to celebrate! What makes it even better is that we all live so close together. I love that my kids get to see their cousins so much! 

Today we celebrated our little nephew Daniel's 4th birthday. He is a sweet kid with a ton of energy and a kind heart. He has an adorable laugh and a beautiful smile!

His mom did an awesome job on his Captain America birthday cake. So cool! 

Baby E and Baby Bekah are three months apart. I have to watch Baby E when he is around her because he likes to go for her eyes! Baby E is doing really well with sitting and is starting to wiggle himself to places he wants to go. 

Such cuties!

Friday, June 19, 2015

06-19-15 Flashback Friday

I was looking through some old photos and came across these ones from this week three years ago. Look how little (and stylish) my girl was! 

And wow, does Big E look like Baby E in this pic! Big E was only ten weeks old!

Here we were, our little family of four! 

In present day news, Baby E has gotten three more teeth! (Two on the top and one more on the bottom.) that probably explains all his sleepless nights!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

06-18-15 Piano with Daddy

I had the good fortune to marry into a very musical family. My husband loves to sing and I love to hear his voice. It's one of the many things that attracted me to him! He has an incredible voice. He is also great at being different characters- he is the go-to book reader in our family because he does all the voices. He is also our resident monster, super hero, bug killer, and all around great guy! But seriously, he has a way with kids and I love watching the kids play with him. :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

06-17-15 Selfies with Goobs

Goobs is having a rough evening... It's one of those evenings where there is more screaming than sleeping. This is rough because without the central ac working, we can't leave him in his room and let him fuss it out. So, we are taking turns walking, rocking, reading to him, and cuddling. 

Baby E has an irritating habit of taking a 45 minute nap around 8 pm. There really isn't any way around it because he will just scream until he falls asleep. Nothing will calm him or cheer him up. It also coincides with the big kids' bedtime, so letting him sleep helps facilitate getting the older kids to bed. But then, like clockwork, he wakes up and wants to play or eat or just see you. Then it takes awhile to get him back down. Hopefully the ac will get fixed soon so he can go back in his room! 

It is fun to see how each kid is different. Singing and rocking usually helped C get to sleep. Big E never wanted rocked and just wanted to be put straight in his crib (he meant business when it came to sleeping.) Baby E likes to have his big head rubbed. 

Last night I slept on the couch with Baby E in his rock n play right next to me. When he would wake up I would roll over and give him his paci and rest my hand on his chest. He would hug my arm and fall back asleep. It was wonderful!