Thursday, July 16, 2015

07-16-15 This place is a zoo

I waited until the middle of breakfast to tell the kids that we were going to the zoo today. Immediately C got a worried look and told me she didn't want to go if the peacocks were going to be loud and Big E kept asking if there were going to be ducks. Not the reaction I was going for. After assuring C that we probably wouldn't even see peacocks, and explaining to Big E that there were cooler animals than ducks at the zoo, I finally got the enthusiasm I was looking for! ;)

We packed up and picked up Ms. Rebecca and started the long car ride to the zoo. We parked in a garage that the website called "two blocks away." Yeah, so DC blocks are nothing like NYC blocks and I'm pretty sure we walked the equivalent of 8-10 blocks... Uphill...

When we finally got there, Big E was very excited to see the fancy trash cans and C was pointing out maintenance buildings. Oh boy!

Once we started seeing the animals it was a lot of fun. The kids got to see their very first cheetah, pandas, elephants, gorillas, bison, zebras, and more. By the end of the visit, I asked them what they liked the best. Big E said "The stinky zebra butt!" (Potty humor comes early with boys, I guess!) But in his defense, we mostly just saw the rear ends of the animals. And C liked the pandas and elephants. 

I was so thankful that Rebecca came with us. There is no way I could have navigated the zoo with all three kids, and I probably wouldn't have attempted it. (Though we did see a mom there with at least four kids under five years old all on her own. I wanted to stop her, shake her hand, and give her a medal!)

My camera battery died literally three pictures into our visit, so most of the pics were taken by Rebecca. 

Zebra butt.