Saturday, October 3, 2015

10-02-15 Women's Retreat and an unexpected irony

Upon waking up this morning I got the message that our retreat was being moved from Ocean City to our home church. I have to admit after a long night of tossing and turning, this was welcome news. I was dreading the possibility of getting all the way over there and the bay bridge closing down behind us. Tim noticed as soon as he got up that I had an extra spring in my step. 

With this new development, I couldn't wait to get there this evening! 

It is always refreshing to take time out of our busy schedules and get the chance to come together as a group of believers. I can already tell that this is going to be a powerful weekend in my life and I am looking forward to seeing what is in store! 

When we were done for the evening I stayed late with my sister in law, Jenn. We are leading a portion tomorrow and wanted to run over some things. By the time we walked out it was after 11 and everyone had left. 

Since I was the one that was probably the most excited that we were meeting at the church, it was an unexpected twist of irony that when I got to my car, the battery was dead! And my phone was acting up! And Jenn was on the other side of the building about to drive away! If I didn't catch her before she left, I'd be stuck there! I ran to the other side of the building, through the wind and rain screaming Jenn's name as she was loading her car! Whew! She was still there! 

We decided to jump my car. Something neither of us had ever done before. We consulted both husbands and set to it. Jenn is definitely braver than me and hooked up the car. I started her vehicle while she held the other end of the jumper cables. Her husband was giving me instructions on the phone when somehow Jenn touched the two ends together and sparks started flying! Startled, she tossed the jumper cables away from her (they were pretty close to her face when it happened) right into a puddle!!  Jumper cables attached to a running vehicle sitting in a puddle of water seemed like a step backwards. After much laughing and some shenanigans, and more advice from our husbands, we got everything safely unhooked and then rehooked up. We started my car and it worked.  The entire process took about 25 minutes. Pretty sure it can be done in about three. However, nothing exploded and no one got hurt!

We got in our vans to leave and Jenn noticed that her tire pressure light was on. Thankfully none of her tires appeared flat, or we would have had the poor guys on the phone talking us through changing a tire! 

Certainly not the evening we expected, but thankful we got to spend a little extra time together!