Monday, September 7, 2015

09-07-15 Artwork

C asked me to color with her during her quiet time this afternoon. Now that she is in kindergarten, she no longer has to take naps, but I do make sure that her activity is low key. Coloring fits the bill perfectly, so we got out some paper and colored pencils and set to work. Coloring and drawing are surprisingly therapeutic!

Here is my drawing... 

When C looked at it, she said she loved it and wanted to draw one of her own. Within a few moments, she hade made this...

I love how hers is totally a Doctor Seuss version of what I drew. I love the grass and the trees smack dab on top of the hills. The house even has a smoking chimney! It's great! She got distracted before finishing the family,  but Tim and I are looking pretty good! 

She drew a bunch of other pictures as well...

This one is me and her holding hands. In C's world the only way you can tell a drawing is a girl or boy is by its eyelashes. Girls always have long eyelashes. They never have hair. 

This one she drew a dog, a flower, a sun, balloons that children let go of, and an airplane with a propeller. 

She was looking at her Happy Birthday Balloon that she got last week and asked what it said. I told her and she proceeded to stare at the balloon and write out Happy Birthday. I'd like to note that the balloon text was all caps, sans serif. She wrote hers with fancy H's and A's that you see typed, but rarely handwritten. Again, good job, young lady! 

Today was the end of our long weekend, we spent the morning playing with cousins outside, and then after nap time we went to my brother in law's house. Then we had dinner with Ms. Rebecca and her family. We feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many people that we love!what a wonderful weekend! 

Oh look, it's Elsa and a Ballerina!


We need to get toys for poor Baby E. We got rid of almost all baby toys when we moved from the farmhouse. Poor kid. He was really enjoying the toys at his cousins' house tonight.